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Hackers are priming the pumps to get into Apple's mobile operating system. Imagine a complete stranger having access to your entire phone and all the information within it. All the pictures that you send to your significant other, important addresses of your celebrity friends, bank accounts, investments and phone numbers of your family members. iPhone hackers aren't only able have access to your information they can call, text and email on your behalf.

Politicians could possibly get ruined in the middle of their campaigns. Who can refute the evidence of a text message, "Sexting" or something obscene that was never sent by the phone owner? Perfect example, last year, Apple sold 73.5 million iPhones and when the iPhone 4 was released (October 2011) within 24 hrs 1 million phones were sold.

The world renowned Hacker, Charlie Miller discovered this flaw in the Apple mobile operating system and was kind enough to let Apple know about the flaw in their networks in late October. The officials at Apple were well aware of Mr. Miller's background, they thanked him and stated they have an antidote in the works. They also thanked him by banning him from iOS developer program for a year.

If iPhone Hackers were to stumble upon what Mr. Miller found, in which we are sure that they will try even harder now; any iOS app could be in jeopardy by the malicious code placed into the app and zapped into the device. This proves that iPhones & iPads aren't as safe as advertised. Google Android Market security is nowhere near as secured as the App Store but it shows that no one is really completely safe from hackers. Websites get hacked and filled with malware and malicious codes all the time; our website was hacked as explained in our blog, "Wordpress sites hit by iFrame Hackers." One could only hope that cellphones don't reach that level of scrutiny that websites endure. This can cause a problem on a much larger scale. Imagine all cell phones getting hacked and the information getting sold on the black market. We are positive that the IT departments around the world are working on this vigorously.

If you're an Apple fan, then you'll want to pay close attention to how Apple plans on reacting to this flaw in their system. Could you imagine being black mailed over your cell phone? This could open the floodgates of hacking and frustration in huge proportions if this flaw in their system isn't plugged immediately. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and all the major phone carriers as I could only imagine are on top of this.

Every other person today wishes to own a Smartphone solely because of its amazing features and services. Smartphones today indeed can solve all problems within a fraction of a second. A person owning a Smartphone always wishes to download the most unique apps so that all tasks can be easily done. Some of the applications which a Smartphone user must install in his or her phone are as follows:

Security application

Every Smartphone must have a reliable security application so that it remains protected from virus and dangerous malware. A Smartphone consists of a lot of personal and confidential information like documents, presentations, files and many more. A reliable security application however fights against all the malicious apps and makes sure the phone is protected. Mostly all Android based Smartphone's are more prone to security threats. A few popular security applications are the AVG Antivirus, Lookout, Mobisecurity etc that lets you track your phone in case of phone loss on map and remotely wipe all details.

Productivity application

People who want to make simple to-do lists and want to pen down their ideas can do it with the help of productivity application. Smartphone users can download the best app from the app store. Some popular apps are the Milk (task list manager) Evernote (for syncing notes) sketchbook MobileX (a drawing application) and lastly Instapaper (for internet bookmarking)

Cloud -sync application

Though all phones working on iOS platform and Windows have an in-built cloud syncing, there are a few external cloud sync applications that are available for use in all kinds of smartphones. Dropbox a popular app syncs all files to the cloud across all devices. there is yet another service that lets users store all their content online. A few popular cloud-syncing apps are Funambol, OneMediaHub, SugarSync and GDocs for Android.

These were some useful applications for smartphones now let's have a look at some Smartphone accessories

Portable chargers

A Smartphone requires a lot of power and for that it requires a portable charger. The battery of Smartphones generally drain faster because people carry out lots of activities with their it. People who are frequent travelers necessarily require a portable charger. A portable outlet too is required for a Smartphone to gain full power. The iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger however lets people charge their phone and tablet wirelessly.

Bluetooth Headsets

The market has different varieties of Bluetooth headsets to provide to Smartphone users. A Bluetooth headset lets people conduct conference call, discreetly check voicemails etc. A popular headset of the current trend is that of Jawbone Era.

Pico Projectors

The Jawbone Era headset which is a Pico projector case lets people project presentations while travelling. Apart from this it also protects phones. Different Smartphone users can buy different Pico projectors suiting their phone. A few Smartphones however have in-built projectors which prove to be very useful.

Considering the above mentioned few applications and accessories, we see that owning a Smartphone alone is not enough as it has to have the proper applications and accessories to get along. With growing popularity of smartphones it surely has the capacity of solving all requirements of people quickly and efficiently.


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