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Only a few years ago mobile phones were considered a technological breakthrough, the ability for each and every person to own a device that allowed instant communication with anyone around the world was an experience generations before never had.

Given only a few years the mobile phone has developed into a fully fledged smart phone, with the computing power similar to the most recent notebooks - featuring a whopping 1.4 quad-core processors and 2GB Ram.

With this new power consumers are utilising web content and apps at the highest ever level, but with this new potential and exposure to content online is putting smart phone users at risk. Similar to what PC users, and just recently Mac users, have always been plagued with the fear of getting a virus or malicious malware. Well today malware is one of the most common threat to smart phones users, beside expensive phone bills.

So, What Are The Main Concerns?

The difference between the iPhone and Android is not that different. But Android is growing rapidly and taking the lead in terms of market share. But this is only down to the nature of the operating system that enables any mobile carrier to use this OS, unlike iOS that is exclusive to the iPhone. Therefore much like PC's having the highest market share and fans this increases the chances to being vulnerable and getting hacked or downloading malware unintentionally.

The app stores also share a similar theme. Unlike Apples app store that ensures each and every app meets their standards and are authorised. The android marketplace does not approve each and every app therefore leaving many users vulnerable. Therefore it is only recommended to download apps from reliable and trustworthy sources. So it is important to understand the 'big' app companies that produce many high quality apps.

If your phone has been infected by malmare from downloading an app from the marketplace, here are two possible outcomes:

- Data theft is a common reason for using malware. This will steal information from the device and pass the information on.

- Another possible outcome is SMS trojans. This will sit in the background and can send messages to premium numbers.

So, What Are The Solutions?

If anything suspicious happens then it is highly recommended to view your monthly bills. By doing this regularly will be the easiest way to help eliminate any threat and save yourself from receiving an expensive bill. If there were messages sent in the background then this should be picked up and displayed within your monthly bill.

Although there are a range of anti-virus software package that can be used to help detect anything malicious, users may not quite understand warnings that will prompt the user of potential danger, as these may often prompt users when there is something they know is not malicious and thus causing confusion and not taking threats serious.

Lastly, another tell tale sign of the presence of malware if to monitor battery consumption. As it has been widely documented that any kind of malicious behaviors caused by mobile malware caused an increase in power consumption.

It is wise to conduct further research if you believe there is a source of malware of something that is not quite right. The internet luckily provides us with large database of experiences to help find advanced solutions.


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