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Get To Choose The Best Free Antivirus For Android ICS

With continuous reports of rising numbers of malicious android apps and other forms of malware, it is important to find the best free antivirus for android ICS. The best free antivirus for the android ice cream sandwich operating system should entirely protect your android phone. The malicious apps demand access and permissions when installing the app. The capabilities of these malicious apps extend towards stealing data and information, sending premium SMS and even making the android phone part of bot networks.

Choosing the best free antivirus for android ICS is not a very difficult task only if the best information about a specific antivirus app is availed. Some of the most important features are such as the functionality provided; associated features, is the app paid or free, among others. On the other hand, the suitability of a specific app against the android phone being rooted or not rooted.

Here are some of the notable best free antivirus for android ICS and which owing to their different features have become some of the most popular. Each app has been outlined together with its unique features that will make your android phone secure.

Eset Mobile Security

Eset Mobile Security is one of the most versatile antivirus application for the Android system. Made to provide an all-rounded protection for your Android machine, you can expect the Eset Mobile Security app to perform flawlessly. Eset Mobile Security comes with several revolutionary features like anti-theft system, malware protection, and SMS/MMS anti-spam system.

avast! Mobile Security

avast! Mobile Security is a free antivirus and which is able to provide a wide range of features. The antivirus is the best for the rooted android phone especially because the root access provides expanded functionality. These are the firewall and the hard-reset proof version of the anti-theft tool. The antitheft feature has the ability to control the android phone by SMS, phone lock and wipe and finally the activation of the alarm. Actually, avast! Mobile Security has been touted as the best free antivirus for android ICS.


AVG Antivirus for Smartphones & Tablets has both a free and paid solution. It is another of the best free antivirus for android ICS. This antivirus app has the distinction of scanning all installed apps for malware once it has been installed. The real time protection mode allows that even data is scanned besides making the android phone secure at all times. The antitheft feature on AVG allows that you lock and wipe off the android phone if lost or stolen and that the android device can be found via GPS.

Lookout Security

Lookout security is among the most popular antivirus for android devices. Real time protection allows that safe browsing is achieved with the android device. The antitheft feature of Lookout Security is called find my phone and utilizes GPS to locate the misplaced or stolen phone on a Google map. Besides the free version, there is a paid version which provides extra features.

Dr. Web Anti-virus Light

Dr. Web Anti-virus Light is a free antivirus app and is still a very popular android with android users. This antivirus is not as exquisite as the above listed antivirus apps since it has fewer features. The antivirus will not scan the installed apps and it will not have the real time protection immediately. These are only achieved once the antivirus database has been updated. The free version and the paid version are all available on the Google Play stores. The paid version is the only one which will carry the antitheft features.

McAfee Mobile Antivirus

McAfee mobile antivirus is another of the powerful and best free antivirus for android ICS. The antivirus app also carries many excellent features which guarantee the security of android devices. These features are such as antivirus protection and safe web browsing. The antitheft features of device lock and the Locate and Track option are also provided with the McAfee mobile antivirus.

Make your choice today and download the antivirus app from Google Play stores. Always have an antivirus app installed in your android devices to secure both the android devices and your data and activity on the phone and on the web. So to get rid of viruses you need one of the best free antivirus for android ICS for your android smart phone or android tablet.


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