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The changing face of technology has made many things possible, one such thing is mobile computing. Surfing internet, downloading apps or games, staying connected while on go and chatting with your friend network through Smartphone is the most convenient way of staying online. With all this there is one more thing that you need to be aware of, that of malware threat to your Smartphone.

According to a research it has been observed that hackers are targeting Smartphone and mobile security is under threat by malware. Your personal information and data are at stake. It is about time that you start thinking about securing your Smartphone.

The latest and freely available anti-virus software available are Avast (mobile security) and another by Lookout. It will help you by providing protection against any malware or potential threat to mobile security. Performing a regular scan on your phone for any malware, help create a backup of information and other such security measures are just a few activities.

Let us first learn how malware enters your phone.

How malware enters your phone?

Malware is a term that is deadly for your phone. It is malicious software designed to tamper with the data and steal information. The worst part is that you will not be aware of its presence and it will work without your knowledge. Your personal information, passwords, contacts and other such details can be easily stolen. Additionally, your current location too can be easily tracked; you will start receiving hiked bills and subscription to services that you do not remember purchasing.

A malware will make way into your phone via downloads of any kind, including apps, files, links and websites; these are just a few examples. Hackers can easily mask or disguise a malware into any program or link that will easily enter in your phone. It can also be disguised as a free copy of your favorite game, Angry Birds for instance. As soon as you click to download the free version in your phone you unknowingly invite malware. Before long you discover the havoc wreaked it may have already harmed your phone and data to a lot extent.

Let us now discover how Lookout and Avast are helpful in keeping your phone secure from malware.

Lookout Mobile Security

This is a freely available mobile security app; you can protect your Android and iOS devices with it. This app conducts a complete scan of your device and ensures that there is no potential threat like virus or malware residing in your phone. It also enables in taking a backup for restore purpose and help with remote location of your device.

If you are an Android user then you can opt for its premium version. This includes generating privacy app reports, remote data lock, wipe, and other such security features for data protection. On the onset, you can opt for a 14 day trial after which you need to pay $3/ month subscription for the service. Additionally, as soon as you download an app it starts a scan for potential threat. If it is found dangerous then you immediately receive an alert.

The privacy report generated by Lookout is yet another amazing feature. This generates alert messages against apps that are accessing your data including contacts, location, messages and other sensitive information. Additionally, you are also given an option to take a backup of your contacts on the website of Lookout.

Signal Flare is yet another feature that you will come across with this security app. Through this tool you will be able to track location of your phone and even get an alert on the battery.

Mobile Security by Avast

This security software is designed for Android users. You will find similar security features to Lookout in this security software too. However, you can schedule for a scan on your device while specifying location like scanning the phone or SD card. If there is any potential threat you will receive an alert message asking you to uninstall the software from your phone immediately.

The only drawback with this security software is that you are not allowed a backup. Nonetheless, with various security tools and features you will still like to download it on your Smartphone. Security features that keep your data safe, remotely lock your device, trigger alarm and even help wipe off data remotely in case of theft are some of the amazing tools. Additionally, features like firewall are effective for thwarting attack by hackers.

You can also apply the following tips to keep your Smartphone secure:

• Download from authentic websites and sources
• Go through app reviews online before installing it
• Avoid sending or sharing personal details when working on public Wi-Fi
• Reading the privacy policy and then agreeing

Apart from the above-mentioned tips it is essential to install mobile security. Security apps/ software like Avast and Lookout to keep your Smartphone safe from hackers and malware threat.


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