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Malware for Mobile Devices Reaching Epic Proportions

A recent article on claims that six out of 10 IT breaches occur because of improperly secured mobile devices, and that malware targeting smartphones increased 155 percent last year. Kaspersky reports that the number of new malware variants targeting Android devices nearly tripled in the 2nd quarter of 2012, reaching approximately 15,000 new malicious programs.

Think your Apple device is immune? Think again. Sure, ios is much harder to infect with malware, but not impossible, according to Kaspersky Labs. Recent reports about iPad and iPhone hijackers have begun to surface. The recent Flashback outbreak infected nearly 2 percent of all Mac systems, proving that Apple is not immune to infection. Finally, the news that 12 million Apple device IDs were stolen can't be good.

Smartphone malware includes Trojans, capable of stealing confidential information including contact data, "backdoors" that give the cyber-criminals full control of infected mobile devices, and SMS infections that send messages to high-rate numbers in the background, charged to the unsuspecting user's account. Literally billions of people around the world use their smartphones for online banking, making purchases, and storing all sorts of sensitive data including PINs, account numbers, and passwords. Individuals and companies alike need to take immediate steps to keep this information out of the hands of crooks.

Best Virus Protection for Android

AV-TEST labs has put 41 Android antivirus apps through the paces, and rated the following 6 among the top (received an "A" rating on their effectiveness). Note that while I've only listed the top 6, AV-TEST labs state that even the middle-ranking products offer fairly good protection. See references below for a link to their full report.

Top 6 AntiVirus Solutions for Android

avast! Free Mobile Security
Dr.Web anti-virus Light
Eset Mobile Security
Kaspersky Mobile Security
Lookout Security & Antivirus

Different Phases Of Smart Phone Security

With people using smart phones and cell phones more often it has been seen that they possess more threat of getting their phones stolen or lost. This is happens as there is no specific application for the safety and security of Smart Phones. In a survey conducted, the employees were asked questions regarding the security of their Smart Phones. The employees however admitted that their companies did not have any kind of formal security to provide for their mobile devices. Also it was seen that out of 20 Smart Phones 1% of the phones had some fake security application. Now is it not necessary to give good security to Smart Phones because it consists of a lot of important information? Its high time people consider Smart Phones as good business devices and give good security to it.

When Smart Phones were initially launched in the market people were pretty much worried about its safety and security. However today we can see the difference in the phase of smartphone security with the entry of new smart devices. A few Smart Phones like the Android and Windows in one hand have gained good popularity among employees and professionals while on the other hand are attracting hackers. Some believe that Blackberry is a safer phone than other Smart Phones it is because blackberry has more features and options like remote kill, email retention, message delivery etc. with Blackberry some say that the Apple phone is the most secure phone among all but it too has its own security drawbacks. It has been relatively seen that Ipad and Iphone users are taking due advantage of the lack of Apple’s iOS system and sharing important confidential matters with outside organizations. This is happening only because of lack of security policies.

Mobile Risks

How can people overcome mobile risks? Company must see to it that they protect the smart phone devices. They must check that all the devices are protected well to decrease the case of information loss. Even after providing good security to employee’s Smart Phones it has been noticed that the company is not concentrating to the core by controlling the personal usage of every device. Their lack of concentration only makes corporate data to find its way outside unauthorized devices out of the IT team’s control. This indirectly leads to loss and theft of Smart Phones.

A grave risk to these Smart Phones is that they are not being given good security unlike in laptops and personal computers. This indirectly is making people use Smart Phones for personal use than business. Thus a smart phone can make business face a lot of threats like Virus and Malware. In the recent times it has been noticed that the Nokia’s Symbian OS is facing a lot of Malware threats and on the other hand the market share of Google Android is taking off so there has been a shift in the mobile malware from Nokia’s Symbian to Google Android.

Thus, we see that the many newly launched Smart Phones are facing a lot of difficulty and hence people must find some way to overcome this problem. In my next article I would be discussing about how Smart Phones can be given the right security.


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