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Best Antivirus for Android Mobile Phones

The single topic of security on android raises a very big storm for many players. The recommendation that antivirus for android mobile should be sought and installed is never fully endorsed. Android has been here with us now and the years continue to pass with the security debate still not fully settled. On one side of the debate are the people from the school of thought that android is not predisposed to malware threat. They continue to assert that cautious use of an android device especially when downloading does away with the need to find antivirus for android mobile. The second argument is based on statistics and reports that malware identified on android devices continues to grow in number. Their assertion that without antivirus for android mobile are bound to get infected gets credibility.

Malware on Android, Fact or Fiction?

Malware is prevalent on the android platform and the malware has been designed in ingenious ways aimed at getting the android user to install it unknowingly. The malware is made to steal information which is later used to earn money. This becomes enough motivation for malware writers to work at finding new ways of targeting the devices which is achieved through applications found in the market. These facts raise an alarm and reinforce the belief and efforts of finding the best antivirus for android mobile devices. Antivirus for android mobile security is now a hot topic in the security industry since these devices are now in a position to achieve whatever a computer can achieve. These activities are web browsing, sending emails, online shopping and banking, paying bills, reading spreadsheets among other tasks. The two biggest threats which demand finding the best antivirus for android mobile are the premium SMS scams and the rogue apps.

Finding the Best Antivirus for Android

We get to look at the antivirus for android mobile and learn a few points which add up to provide the best security possible. The antivirus for android are often provided as a package in the form of an all round security app which achieves more in providing security. The usual security package packs the antivirus, a backup for data and often the antitheft for when the phone gets stolen or lost. The advantages of installing the best antivirus for android mobile are immense but there exists some cons. The cons will be associated with the cost of the security package, reported false positives with legit apps and the processing power used up.

Recommended Antivirus for Android Mobile Devices

The notable security packages which are or carry the best antivirus for android mobile can be chosen from a big number of those provided out there in the market. We have:

Avast! Mobile Security

It is a complete antivirus for android mobile protection, Anti-theft for locating and recovering the phone among other security features that make it the antivirus for android mobile.

Lookout Mobile Security

This free app has been touted as the leader in antivirus for android mobile security with the comprehensive protection against malware, data loss and theft of the mobile phone.

AVG Antivirus Free and AVG Antivirus Pro

AVG offers to protects you from harmful malware and unwarranted text messages and helps keep your personal data safe. A good option for getting best antivirus for android mkobile and tracing that lost phone.

Super Security Standard

It is a good antivirus for android mobile. It is a security app aimed at getting rid of malware and protecting sensitive data.

Norton Mobile Security Lite

Yet another of the best antivirus for android mobile security out there and protects your device from theft and from viruses.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky were the first to identify malware on android and their security app ranks among the best antivirus for android mobile in the market today.

Eset Mobile Security

Eset Mobile Security is one of the best malware and antivirus for smartphones in the market. Highly recommended if you want to safeguard your smartphone against malicious app on your smartphone!


These are recommended choices when looking for antivirus for android mobile. The security options carry different features and cost options. Be sure to identify the best antivirus for android mobile having acknowledged the security risks to the android devices.


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