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With all the news, the ads, and the celebrity testimonials that make iPhone seem like Apple's gift to mankind. If all these are to be believed, nothing on techie world cannot be done by iPhone. Well, that's just dead wrong.

Behold, the 15 awesome apps that belie all the iPhone buzz.

1. Adobe Flash Player 10.1. Most games and multimedia content use Flash player and with most of the web content now utilizing Flash, this app allows users to have best experience for web browsing.

2. Barcode Scanner. Never again do guesswork or run around supermarkets trying to find any item's price. Interpret those black bars on white box with this app, which scans barcode then matches it up with Internet pricing lists in its data bank.

3. Beautiful Widgets. Explore a vast universe of Android creativity with this app, which offers a rich array of widgets that can be used for your icons. It also has a bank of themes and skins to make your phone truly unique. Let your phone match your phone with this visuals customization app.

4. Dolphin Browser. This app allows customization for any Android phone: creating new tabs, drawing new buttons, and programing in your personalized touch-screen command gestures for a truly great web surfing experience. This app puts users and their own unique personalities front and center of the smartphone web function.

5. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper. Guide a brave miner through a maze of cave shafts in this game with nice graphics and fast-paced action. Your goal: to dig as much coal and precious gems.

6. Google Sky map. Flaunt your intellect and gain genius-cool points. Just point your phone to the heavens and let this app identify the constellations, the planets, and the major stars.

7. Google Maps Navigation. Never lose your way again with this awesome app from Google. You can get an enhanced version of Google Maps, traffic information, and help recalculate walking and driving routes.

8. Eset Mobile Security. This app protects your Android from hackers, viruses, malwares, spyware, phishing, and potential loss of contacts and files during a gadget crash. It also allows your gadget to be tracked through Google Maps. This is the perfect protection from all conceivable threats to your smartphone.

9. MyFitnessPal. This app has hundreds of thousands of available food data that will tell you exactly how much kilocalorie you've imbibed. You can also input your exercise data for easy tracking of your body weight gains or losses.

10. OpenHome. Because the Android runs on open-source operating system, which means that open source programs such as the OpenHome is allowed to be installed. No more worries about having to buy license fees for original programs, plus more options for customization for icons, fonts, and skins.

11. Ringdroid. Convert any audio file to a ringtone. Customize any form of music, even recorded audio files, with various special effects through this app.

12. SetCPU. This app allows for more phone customization at the data source level. It easily and efficiently clean up and manage root data files, freeing up more space in your phone's memory. Except these benefits: capability to change CPU settings to optime power usage and smartphone performance.

13. SNesoid. Run Super Nintendo in your Android phone through this app. Use your phone as you would those old gaming consoles and start playing Super Mario. What's even cooler? You can get cheats and fast-forward functions, plus it's super fast and has great resolution.

14. Swype Keyboard. Input 50 wpm with this patented app that can recognize individual letters from a continuous stylus or finger movement on a touchscreen. This is the fastest word inputting technique employed in smartphones today.

15. Tasker. With this app, program your Android phone for tasks based on date, time, location, et cetera. Awesome practical uses: switching your tablet's music player on whenever your headphones are plugged in, or your phone sending pre-programmed birthday greetings to your contacts at midnight of their natal day.


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