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In order to avoid internet security threats, you must have internet security software installed on your computer to defend yourself from any such threats. Since internet is being used for various purposes like online shopping, money transfer, banking, etc. If you do not have proper internet security software installed on your computer, hackers may hack into your banking accounts and misuse it

Here are few points you need to keep in mind in order to avoid internet security threats:


Spyware are programs that are primarily meant to spy or steal your personal and banking information. Trojans, keyloggers, adware are some of the types of spyware. A lot of online identity theft has been caused all over the world because of spyware. Spyware enter your computer when you download potentially danger software that appears to be a legitimate one. Spyware can steal your password, modify settings on your computer and considerably malign the performance of your computer. Installing and running an antispyware is a must on your computer. Make sure you update it regularly.

Spam and email attachments

There are many websites on the internet that ask you to subscribe by typing in your email address on their websites to receive updates and newsletters. There is a high chance of your inbox getting bombarded with all kinds of emails that may carry potential virus in the form of email attachments. Never open or download an email attachment from any unknown source. It may contain virus


Phishing is a process through which hackers steal your highly important information like usernames, password, etc. You will receive an email that will claim to have come from a genuine source and will ask you to open a link that present inside the email; once you click on it you will see a fake login page. The moment you press submit after putting login details, your id will be hacked.

It is also important to install a firewall when you are on a network or connected to the internet to avoid internet security. The above mentioned points can surely help you in achieving safe and secure browsing on the internet.

Brief Summary of Internet Security

Not everyone is happy with online security. I have heard others say that their computers did not run right after installing the Internet security software. Antivirus does not also do internet security. "To help support this effort, the State of Internet Security report will also offer some basic best-practices that companies can follow to help secure them against malware and cybercrime.


There is so many sites on the internet that are free. The State of Internet Security report is issued on a quarterly basis as an in-depth review and analysis of the most pressing computer and data security-related concerns. However, there is a reluctance by many to embrace this technology simply because of the unknown and the main issue of security when trading over the internet.


Even as businesses fail to advance their security strategies, hackers are moving forward with their attacks. Antivirus Drives Security Software Driven by continued growth in the antivirus software market, It's obvious from this research that businesses worldwide are operating under a false sense of security. "Despite the growth and severity of malware, more than 60 per cent of businesses don't have security plan.


Internet is an expressway for thieves, Hackers can enter your computer and steal your private information. Research security packages. Protect your files and your identity. Make sure the security system you choose does the job you need it to do. You might have to use more than one. There are many that you can download free.


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