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We take what is given to us, whether that is free security software or off the shelf software but most of us know very little about it. We really don't know if we are secure or not. Here is a fact; it takes less than 8 seconds to get hit with viruses if you have absolutely no protection on your computer.

The security software supplied for free and or off the shelf is without a doubt ineffective to handle the bombardment of attacks that come across the internet these days. With over 500 new virus's each and every month, and that's being conservative, it's no wonder this security software can't keep up with the demands. Software that is not being updated and upgraded every single day is not sufficient to protect your computers.

The demand to have the best technology keeping us secure is of the utmost importance or at least it should be to all those who surf or operate a business online. Here is the unfortunate thing; the security software is only as good as the people who develop it. Many companies do all their security development in house. They rely solely on their technicians to come up the latest greatest protection, but even they fall short. Why? Well, there are so many cyber criminals looking for away to break those systems down and gain entry into the network that their security software programs are already outdated by the time it hits the market. Even the updates are outdated

There are ways to solve this issue. The best possible method is to have a number of security companies who focus on specific aspects of security software. You need the best firewall, the best anti-virus and the best spy ware or as we call it best of breed technology. Most of these so called security suites cannot keep up with what is going on. Cyber criminals are making more money then drug dealers these days it's a fact and with money being the prime motivating factor for all criminals, cyber criminals will do anything to try to get into your system. There is no security software in the world that will take care of every incident but using specialist software and having the proper support tech services who know how to work with that software is the KEY here.

Do you know that as many as 1 out 4 computers will be hacked into this year? If you don't believe me check out reports by the FBI, again this is probably a conservative number. According to the U.S. government the average computer in the U.S. is randomly checked for its setup, presence or weaknesses on an average 17 times a day.

The fact is we can spend what seems like eternity to get the proper kind of help when something goes wrong with our systems. It is not only costly to your business but consumes enormous amount of time and we all know time is money in today's fast paced world

Now let's take a closer look at the problem of Internet Identity Theft.
Hopefully your not one of growing number of unfortunate people who have already fallen victim to Cyber Criminals. If you are then you already understand just how big this problem really is.

The one thing that becomes obvious is that a lot of people have a complete lack of understanding about Internet Security and complacency seems to reign supreme.

They believe that there is little chance of their being attacked. Another common misconception, "the internet is a really big place and nobody wants
my information" or "it won't happen to me. This is definitely not the approach you want to take when it comes to computer security.

That kind of complacency and lack of understanding is really the root cause of the whole problem. Believe me when I say there is a huge Problem and we can all fall victim at anytime.

Most people are content to spend as little as possible and are content to use free or very low cost software. Big Mistake!!

We cannot afford to be complacent. We have to realize we have to take an active role ourselves in securing our information. Learn as much as we can and get the right kind of support.


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