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This century is all about having our lives revolve around one technology or another. It is very appropriately known as the "digital age". The most influential of technologies available in this era is the Internet. It knows no boundaries and has made the world a "global village". A person in Sydney just needs to be adapting to this technology to know about a person in Los Angeles. Communication is no more costly, rather it's become very easy and quick; Email, IM, Facebook, Webcam and other simulations has just shortened distances between regions. The prevailing hype of "social networking" has also been included the list above with forms such as Hi5, Facebook, Friendster and many more. But apart from communicating, you can monetize from it too. Product or service advertisements are available on your page, all you have to do is click on them and it will be delivered to you in no time. A very known concept of today, the Online Banking System, has also emerged from technology. Nobody ever knew, approximately fifty years back, that we could pay bills while at home! Time is money and technology realizes that and has done everything possible to save it. The never-ending elimination will continue for many more years to come, but very few realize how these amazing inventions have created a problem now.

For everything on the Internet you are required to have some information available with them. For instance, creation of an IM or an Email address will have the need of some of your personal information. Another huge problem is when you wish to purchase an article online; you are required to enter your account or your credit card number. Just imagine the danger one is exposed to if a hacker gets hold of this information.

Hackers have, too, developed technologies that can outdo the privacy settings of websites. They know everything about how to obtain your information and exploit it. A few of these technologies include viruses and bugs. They can be embedded within any website you log on from where the virus interacts with your computer and pulls out all the information. To protect yourself from such infections and malwares, make sure you have a reliable Internet Security Program installed, so that web surfing is no more a problem for you.

These programs are commonly known as "Antivirus Software" and can effectively fight all bugs trying to invade your PC. They create imaginary walls that make it impossible for the viruses to penetrate. Its functioning is very simple; a virus can easily enter your computer but once these programs are activated, the virus will be located and destroyed immediately. The Security Programs are widely available with any vendor. They can also be purchased online.

Just like technology advances and takes over a former one, viruses, too, develop over time. These programs are then unable to detect them, which is why the manufacturing company creates an update for its software which is then capable of fighting the modern day viruses as well. Make sure that your Internet Software is updated and activated while you're online; this will definitely minimize the threat you, as a surfer, are revealed to.

Internet Security Through Anti-Virus

Nowadays, people view the "world wide web" as a convenient and efficient way in searching websites, gathering data, socializing with friends, communicating with colleagues through chat, sending e-mails, and storing private and personal information in different service-providing websites. Some even rely much on the internet to connect with the people and into the world that they are in. Say for example in the business industry, Internet is such a fundamental part that businessmen cannot certainly move without it. Most of us really cannot live without internet but many don't see the potential harm and possible hacking that may take on to their saved information. Falling into the internet hackers could be a big threat to your personal life which could lead to an unsatisfying and unfavorable result in the end.

Hacking has been the number one cyber crime that an internet user can commit. Unlike real world crimes such as murder and simple jaywalking, hacking is difficult to be detected and solved due to the constant change in the technology today. A simple payment online or even blogging using personal information can be so useful for hackers to infiltrate your system. Aside from this, viruses can also lead to damage your system. There are already millions of cases wherein important documents and files of individuals and big companies and corporations were lost, deleted, and damaged because of these unwanted programs which penetrates and worst, destroy your computer.

Even if we have this so called "Internet Security" like creating difficult passwords, backups, and file permissions, intelligent criminal-minded people could still break into your computer even with this security on through certain programs. Programs include Viruses, Malware, Worms, Spyware, etc. which potentially intrude and inflict damage to your computer.

A virus is a program that brings threat by tremendously slowing down the system through copying itself into your computer. Malwares, in the other hand, is a spy computer which literally "spies" on other computer's information. Malware is short for "malicious software". Like viruses, worms also copy themselves extensively for potential threats while Spywares are malwares which collect information from the computer and monitor every bit activity of the user without his or her consent. There are more dangerous programs aside from the above mentioned. Thus, it would be best to always be careful and safe when logging on to the internet. The advancement of the technology not only makes life easier and more comfortable but there are also disadvantages that go with it including threats to the privacy of your personal profile and stored data.

However, it is also because of the technology that stops you from losing hope on being comfortable and trusting the internet as your personal data storage. This includes programs that helps prevent the problem of hacking like "Anti-virus". Anti-virus helps fight dangerous systems that may intrude and inflict damage to your computer like Viruses, Malware, Worms, Spyware, etc. It search and destroy viruses which may be present in your system. It is readily available in the market and can be bought at your nearest computer shop or online. You can also avail on free anti-virus software however these are not as effective as to those which are purchased and may not offer the best virus protection. Lastly, having anti-virus is not the only precaution that we can do to prevent unwanted programs. It is also important for you to be extra careful in downloading these programs for there might be some hidden viruses deep inside the files.


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