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Today, an average kid, or make that even a 4 year old, can easily operate a computer. They are even the ones who would scold their grandparents for not being able to know how to turn on a computer! Kids today have become so well acquainted with this new toy that of course, some opportunists who have malicious intent will see this as a way to do some crime and make money again. So it is not just enough for parents to provide their children toys, but it is also imperative that they provide security on these new toys that their children are playing.

Internet security is something that parents should acquaint themselves too because it will help protect their children and their computers from viruses, spyware, pop-ups, dangerous social networking sites and pornography. It was smart of Information Technology technicians who have innovated this as it has saved not only irritating problems but also life-saving ones.

There is a great need for parents to educate themselves regarding Internet security so that at the same time, their own families can enjoy the good benefits of using the Internet without having to worry much. For instance, the makers of have made it a point to motivate and educate parents on how to secure the Internet they are subscribing. Teaching kids on how to behave properly on using the internet might prove to be a difficult one given the evolving attitudes of kids today, but these IT professionals and workers in the related industries are sure to make it possible to help parents and children. This is just one of the websites that is rich in information regarding protecting children in the Internet.

By setting up internet security on you computer network at home, that is even if your children have computers of their own in their respective rooms, you will be assured that whenever you family uses them, it is safe. What are some ways then that will help you set up Internet security?

• Internet security should be active in each computer

When using the Internet browser tools, you can adjust the private and security settings on every computer in the household. Try to block websites that you do not want your kids to see. Although this may be a problem for teenagers, since they are already intelligent enough on how to unblock unwanted sites.

• Filtering Content

Purchase a router that has a content filter in it. A website or software specific to the router can be set up, with you creating a password for it. The passwords you use must not be easy to guess.

• Setting Internet rules

You have to establish rules when letting your family use it, such as internet time and using applications such as gaming, instant messaging, videos on YouTube and blocking of websites that are not suitable for your children. Get to know your children's online friends and make sure you are a friend of your child at Facebook or Twitter.

Challenges of Internet Security

It is a well known fact that no computer in this world is completely safe from the most widely available harmful threats. Internet Security has been at stake. Everyday a large number of malicious programs are developed and updated on the Internet. The main target being to harm the computer system on which they are installed.

Maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data of any user is most important challenges of the internet security.

Internet has become the most powerful tool for its users. It is basically an aggregation of a large number of services and resources, which allow you to send e-mails, chat with your friends, shop online, bank online, and find useful information and all of them just at your fingertips. Internet carries its own advantages and disadvantages. The need of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability on web is necessary because every individual is connected together with the help of Internet.

Confidentiality is concerned with maintaining the important user information and data, safe and secure. The important user information can be either the users private information or the professional data. Various companies, organizations put a lot of effort and spend more on maintaining the confidentiality of their information and data safe. Even the success of the military operation are dependent on the safety of their sensitive data and information.

Integrity is concerned with matching whether the data you have is the same as it was sent. For example, if you have applied for a Internet banking account, you will be given the password of Internet banking through e-mail. So, the concept of data integrity applies here. How? The password received by you should be the same as sent by the bank. If it is being intercepted by someone during the any financial transaction process, then it will be very difficult for you to maintain your bank account. Data integrity is important in case of banking or financial transaction.

Maintaining the availability of information of Internet is among one of the major challenges to Internet security. An attack known as denial of service attack which blocks a user from accessing any service. It is often recommended to check the availability of an online computer system. If much availability is given for your system, then the security of your system can be compromised.

These challenges of Internet security can be overcome with a little precaution and the use of best internet security software internet security software, antivirus utility and various other security packages.


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