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Engaging in online activities for casual purposes (e.g. games and social networking) still poses some threats to the user. What more if it actually concerns more important activities like monetary transactions, online shopping and trading, email marketing and etc.

This is why one of the foremost concerns of the IT industry nowadays is the Internet security. There is so much information available online, including inappropriate material. At the click of a link, one can be lead to pornography or racially intolerant websites that the company employees lose their sense of productivity. Internet security filters all these inappropriate and useless information out of the company's databases.

In addition, because more and more people opt to use the internet for what used to be outside activities like shopping and bank transactions, there is more pressure to the online companies to secure user information. While more and more people resort to clicking for goods instead of waiting in long lines at the grocery, more and more online companies are struggling to keep these online customers protected from information breach. But what exactly does Internet security protect users from?

Threats to Online Users

A major threat to online transaction is the possibility of identity theft.

Online identity thieves hack computers to obtain personal and confidential user information, usually involving bank account numbers and credit information. Identity thieves use these valuable bits of information to create a false identity under that user and be able to make unauthorized purchases. In addition, they also use these obtained information to sell identities to other identity thieves through black market websites.

These online thieves steal information online through various means. Usually they hack or deploy viruses in the user's emails.

Thus, connection to the internet poses these risks. This is what Internet security is all about. It basically involves keeping user information secure from online thieves and other online mishaps. Because it is so costly for an individual to retrieve stolen identities, online companies take great measures in securing these pieces of confidential information.

Maintaining Internet Security

Internet security involves making confidential user information inaccessible to unauthorized users. This is important for an online store so companies may garner the trusts of their customers and they will continue to solicit the needed personal information. In addition to this, the company should also be able to make this information available when the user wishes to obtain it.

There are many ways of maintaining internet security. One of the most common ones includes the use of antivirus and anti-spyware software and firewalls.

These software ensure protection from viruses that may deliver confidential user information to hackers. They also have the ability to filter inappropriate content from the Internet such as pornography.

Many security software are available in the market. These software highly assure computer users privacy and security over the Internet. Trial versions of these software are also offered online to help the user decide which software to use best. These software will keep your computer safe and protected from various prying eyes over the Internet.


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