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Whether you're using your home computer, or you're out on the road with your laptop or notebook, or you're checking your Facebook status through your tablet, or even if you're on your smartphone one thing is certain - all of these devices can now be integrated to work as one. This means that you can work on your website through your desktop PC in the morning and create blog posts using your smartphone in the afternoon. But while linking your devices on the internet the potential for it or more precisely its database to be breached has also been increased. Do not take this risk like I did and when I tried to fix my computer and nothing helped.

Get Protection

Installing an anti-virus software in your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone is not necessarily a bad idea, but the bad news is that traditional A/V clients are known to incapable of defending computer devices often. This is not good when you put sensitive information in your computer or smartphone while you make important transactions online, because of the looming threat that someone somewhere could steal your information and worst, use it against you.

There is a new kind of computer protection and internet security system that uses cloud as the jump board to provide such protection to probably unlimited number of remote users. Even Symantec Corporation - the creator of the famous Norton computer protection line of products - have also developed their own cloud based IT support for subscribers in the business sector. If you require a high-end computer protection system, then you should opt for a cloud based pc maintenance and internet security provider.

One Defender for All Devices

The idea of a cloud based computer protection system has been around since late 2009 and basically every computer and internet security companies have developed their own version of a cloud based computer protection system. It's not so surprising why many companies invested in this kind of computer/internet security as its potential is virtually limitless, which also means a lot of profits that can be made through it.

Some small companies like Webroot and One Cloud Security have focused their services solely on a cloud based IT support and PC maintenance, and because they're a small company they can offer cheaper rates compared to big corporations like Kaspersky, ESET, Symantec and others. A cloud based computer protection system would also work well on all devices and you'd paying for all of them for the price of one - that's really cost-effective!

Is there any Downside to this?

According to experts there are still some negative aspects to this kind of computer protection system, after all, no system is perfect. The first negative aspect is how people perceives the development of new systems such as this one as being "better" than its predecessors, when it's not. While its design and functions are far more complex clever hackers can still penetrate it and it's just a matter of time before it breaks into the mainstream media, so don't believe the hype. The second negative aspect of cloud security is that there is a potential risk in terms of how many people have access to your data and their attitude on dealing with it plus there's also the issue of system downtime.

What you should know about cloud computing security is that there are people on the other end of your computer that provides IT support and PC maintenance (among other things) to your computer. The company that employs them should vouch for their good character otherwise you shouldn't do business with them at all. Another potential problem that exists with cloud security is the reliability of the company or its host server(s) to remain online 99.99% of the time. It is your responsibility to know for certain that the cloud based security company you'll purchase services from is at the very least a reliable one.

The Bottom Line

Basically no company would want to create a bad reputation for themselves and so with that at least you'll have an assurance that these cloud based security businesses will honor their part of the deal. Also having cloud security as your backup while you surf the web would guarantee that your device will be protected at all times.

The scanning process of such systems is less intrusive compared to standalone A/V clients and internet security software, this simply means that they don't occupy too much of your disc space or system RAM while scanning your PC. Finally, because they provide PC maintenance remotely, you can continue with whatever it is that you're doing as you will hardly ever notice that they're doing maintenance on any of your computer devices.



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