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What are some of the leading companies in the antivirus software market in the United States? Believe it or not, there are four of them. They are: Symantec which creates Norton Antivirus, Computer Associates or CA dealing in E-trust, McAfee and Trend Micro which manufacturers are PC-cillin. These companies have a huge share in the market.

Big software producer Microsoft is also planning to break into the market. In 2003, Microsoft obtained the rights to GeCad software, a Romanian company based in Bucharest. Microsoft also obtained two more companies: Giant Company Software, which developed behavior based computer security. They designed and came up with solutions for spyware. Sybari Software was also bought out. They were dealing with the ways of antivirus, and the filtering of spam and phishing.

Many industry watchers are waiting to see how Microsoft and Bill Gates will compete. They suspect that the giant software company when take a huge control in the antivirus market by bundling the software to its operating system... free of charge. Gates already has a huge lead when it comes to the word processing systems and the Internet web browsers.

There are many antivirus software vendors worldwide. They have some regional domination and are slowly showing their colors to others. Some of these antivirus companies are: Avira of Germany, Sophos of UK, AhnLab of South Korea and SoftWin in Romania.

These companies have independent testers like Virus Bulletin, West Coast Labs Checkmark Services and ICSA Labs. Some of the vendors will offer their software as freeware; others will be marked as shareware...meaning it must be bought.

Despite the overwhelming antivirus software, the market is not at all clear and the world is changing fast. It will be with great effort to meet head on with the viruses that seem to be appearing in greater numbers each day. They not only seem to increase but are becoming more complex each one is being released.

Even with this knowledge, not all companies will have the necessary resources that is required to steer forward with the challenges that will lie ahead.

There are hundreds of sample viruses that arrive to these companies. It seems that there is an 11% increase each year with the number of viruses that pop up. Their creators have made them even smarter than previous ones plus the viruses tend to move through computers even more quicker. They will hide by renaming themselves to avoid detection.

Remember no antivirus software can protect your computer 100 percent of the time since there are new viruses occurring every day. Steps should still be taken to protect your files from any type of invasion. Antivirus software are effective for viruses that are known and may save you tons of money in the long run.

How Are Antivirus Software Rated?

Rating antivirus software can often be a very subjective topic. Each reviewer or expert has their own set of parameters or guides which they prefer to put the software through. This hampers the comparison of different antivirus tools when they are rated by different reviewers.

Some of the typical ratings used include ease of use of software, effectiveness against known virus, ease of installation, type of features available, frequency of updates, cost of the software and virus definitions. These are the usual parameters that experts look at when they review antivirus software, but they will also look into so much more than just the above factors, as these parameters can often be criticized to be superficial and not in depth enough to compare different software packages effectively.

Going in to greater details, reviewers will start to look at the scanning abilities of each tool. This includes the manual scanning, on-demand scanning, background scanning, scheduled scanning capabilities, scanning of emails, instant messages, adware scanning. They will also look at the memory usage of the tools, as there are some tools that require a large cache or memory space to run. The availability and effectiveness of its firewall are also evaluated when comparing antivirus tools.

Some of the software programs, including AVG virus protection software, ESET Nod 32, Kaspersky Antivirus, McAfee Virus Scan, Norton AntiVirus, and Avira antivirus protection software, have received glowing reviews and looks set to becoming the industry leaders. Moreover these antivirus programs enjoy the best reviews both online and off-internet and they often come up as the top in most antivirus software program reviews.=


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