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It is highly good that you installed antivirus software program in your computer, but that alone is not adequately good enough. It is to the best of your computer security and protection interest that you make sure that the antivirus program software running on your PC is actively running a scanning event for the files and folders all in your computer as the PC is still turned on and running. This is the real-time scanning and ensures that no virus has access through the opening and closing of files and folders in your PC.

Also make sure that the antivirus software program installed in your computer has an automatic update utility feature so that it will be able to scan and collect the latest virus and virus signature definition files and protect your computer against same.

If your antivirus software is being detected by the windows security center, it will keep an update track with the software and alerts when need for update arises or when the resident shield scan of the antivirus is no longer running.

Making sure that your antivirus is actually protecting you, you have to find out which antivirus program you're using. If on windows XP, do this by clicking on Start menu, and then point your mouse to All Programs (or just point the mouse to Programs if you are using the classic Start menu of windows xp). In the list of program, look out for the file/folder name of the antivirus software program you installed or the name of the antivirus software program provider.

Also take note to make sure that the automatic update feature of the antivirus software you are using is turned on, this by click start the program, find the setting or option area, then click it on to make sure that real-time background virus scan is going on. This setting should be left activated such that the real-time background scanning goes on to automatically scan the all files each time the computer is turned on.

Keeping antivirus software program up to date is another critical concern for effective computer protection. Most antivirus software programs are built for automatic update. But you can also do a manual update of your program manually. To successfully do manual update browse through to your antivirus software license program provider's Web site on the internet and navigate to the downloads section on the web page. Look out for the update for the version of the program and your operating system and click to update or follow on screen instruction.

The most critical and most important of the steps to take towards ensuring that your antivirus is protecting your computer include turning on the Microsoft windows Real-time Scanning feature, constantly updating the antivirus, and above all run a PC diagnostic check using windows pc error fixing software tool to first do a thorough computer scan and see if there's need to pay for the error fixing. If no error detected in the first scan, then no need to buy such PC error fixing tools. This creates a synergy between protection and speed of the computer.


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