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Antivirus software is a computer program that scans all of the files on your machine; it will then identify any suspicious programs and flag them for removal. Antivirus software searches your computer to check for viruses this usually happens when you create, open, close or email files. This allows for the software to spot viruses as soon as possible. Virus scans can also be set to be run periodically, at the same time each day.

Your anti-virus software uses a couple of methods to spot security threats. One way is by checking your files to see whether any of them match the known viruses in its database. The other is to see whether any strange activity is happening which could be a virus.

Because antivirus software makes heavy use of its antivirus database it is essential that you buy antivirus software that has up to date virus definitions. New viruses are created all the time in the hope that the antivirus software on your computer will not recognise it and it will sneak past your defence system.

You can tell your antivirus tool to check each file on your computer or you can select specific drives for it to scan. The security software will then check whether any of the code in any of the files on your PC matches anything in the database. If a match is found the antivirus software will delete the file, put it in quarantine or repair the file by removing any malicious code. When a suspicious file is quarantined it is isolated so no other programs can use the file and this stops the virus from spreading.

Virus databases are kept updated with the latest virus threats by people sending their infected files to anti-virus software providers. These companies will then update their virus definitions to allow the software to protect your computer from viruses they have indentified. This is why not all antivirus products will protect you from all viruses you need a well known brand so you can be sure they are investing time and money into ensuring they know about all the latest virus threats giving you the best internet security.

Computer viruses are becoming cleverer and some viruses are able to adapt the code so it does not match the virus definitions in the database which can trick the antivirus software into thinking the file is ok.

Anti-virus software may identify a virus through odd behaviour. For example if a program tries to add data to an executable file your security software should alert you to decide whether this is acceptable. You can choose whether to let the program continue or block the action to prevent the virus.

Let's face it. In today's cyber world, there are literally hundreds of different viruses being introduce everyday by hackers that wanted to access your personal information. If that was not worst enough, on top of those nasty viruses, we also have spyware and adware. Although, it is not as bad as virus but it can be very annoying to see those pop-up ads when your computer has been infected with spyware/adware.

So, what is the best way to protect your personal computer and important information? Of course, an antivirus software is a must have in every one home computer. However, it is not always easy to find a good one that provides all the needed technologies to eliminate viruses. The following are three critical guidelines that you have to follow in order to shop for the best home antivirus software.

1. Software User Interface

This is extremely important. No matter how good the software was but if the user interface is just too hard to follow then please walk away from it. It is important because we have to know what features and functions provided by the software. If the user interface is complicated then we would be having a hard time figuring out which buttons to click in order to scan our computer. In fact, we would not able to utilize all the features. No point of paying for something that you don't know how to use. Most of the good home antivirus software should have an extremely clean and easy to use interface for non-tech user.

2. What Come With It

This is debatable if you don't use the web much. Unfortunately, like mentioned before, viruses are not the only problem in today cyber world. We also have spyware and adware. Therefore, you have to make sure your home antivirus software also provided anti-spyware and adware removal technology. Luckily, most of today's antivirus software company always included those three things together.

3. The Price

Of course! It's always the price that matter the most. We want the best piece of software in the market but at the same time we do not want to pay too much for it. However, you have to understand that most of the good software don't come with cheap price's tag. I would rather pay a reasonable of money for a home antivirus software that can put my mind in peace. You can always wait until holiday season to get the software for a cheaper price tag but your computer would be unsafe until then.


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