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Antivirus Software Alerts are usually very useful notices telling a subscriber that they either are exposed to or have downloaded a virus, Trojan or other malware perhaps by visiting an infected website, or clicking on a link that automatically downloads the virus. Under normal circumstances, the alert sounds before the problem but more often than not it will only show when a system virus scan is completed.

Antivirus Alerts and Antivirus Software:

Most antivirus software packages include the alert as a normal part of the program and it will give an audible warning as well as a visual notification of the danger. It is usually not apparent to the subscriber unless the warning needs to be given. When the alert becomes visual, the customer can then deal with the danger as directed by the alert notice.

Sometimes this might just simply be to cancel a request to visit a suspicious website or to cancel a download. On other occasions, it might require downloading other software to remove a specific or unique infection. It is very important to take a warning seriously and to take action it to prevent what could potentially be a virus with the ability to steal personal and confidential information such as steal your bank account details and cause a LOT of headaches for you.

Sham Alerts and Malware:

Some malware is now being spread that causes a program to be installed on the computer that mimics an antivirus software alert, and can become quite a problem popping up and sounding audibly constantly. This may initially create a fear of a hidden virus infecting the computer, but when this happens constantly, the subscriber usually realizes that there is a problem with the software rather than there being a virus itself.

If you see an Antivirus Software Alert warning regularly, then initially check your antivirus software provider for help in deciding if you do have a virus or if you have inadvertently been infected with the fake alert software. This will then help you decide how you will deal with the problem. It is important to also take note of when the alert shows itself. If it is attached to the start up menu, you will see it immediately you turn on your computer and this means the virus may be infecting your system software.

If it is a malfunction of your own software, then seek help to UN-install the alert function and then RE-install it. If it is a fake alert virus then you will need to download and run antivirus software to remove the infection from your system.

The Best Virus Removal or Antivirus Software You Need to Download

Online activities are very simple and fast as well as harmful for us. Every day our PC has to struggle with malicious activities and the threat of virus attacks always enters our mind. So, a computer user must be aware of every kind of virus threats and keep his/her computer safe from hazardous viruses. The best way is to install the best antivirus software.

A user must know which virus removal software is best for his computer since every user performs different kinds of online activities. But before choosing the best antivirus software, you must consider which one is suitable for you. If you do not want to spend extra money on your PC, free virus removal tools will do wonders for you. It is important to know that both the paid and the free options of antivirus software have the same level of protection. It is up to you which one is to select. Secondly, the best antivirus program should also match your level of experience with antivirus software.

Now, if you know the features of a good antivirus, it becomes easier for you to select the best one for yourself. The best antivirus software:

1 - Constantly monitors all sources of possible incoming and outgoing virus infections from emails, instant messaging and through the Internet or removable media.

2 - Detects and removes as many threats and as many fronts as it can including viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, key loggers and root kits. Along with it, it can also protect you from password stealers, phishing attacks, spam and others.

3 - Protects every part of the computer including system memory, boot sector, files, mail databases, etc.

4 - Has an ability to detect unknown viruses.

5 - Is integrated with antispyware.

6 - Should also be a good anti-Trojan that should be the best, from specialized anti-Trojan products.

7 - Has a system antivirus database which can be updated every hour.

8 - Has prompt and easy installation. The interface should be safe and easy to use.

9 - Should be easily configured and tweaked by an advanced user.

10 - Provides 'collective immunity' technology that protects all users collectively and instantly.

However, there is no best antivirus program in general. It all depends on your activities, which should help you to decide which antivirus you should select. Whether you are a personal/home user or corporate user, the antivirus installed should be compatible with your PC configuration. There are many online services which can offer you the best antivirus download. Just make an effort to search online and find the most suited security software for your PC which can be available for both paid and free antivirus and gives 24/7 support.


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